Dear readers, I married him.

Long ago, on a trip to Tonga, I started writing what would become The Sea on Our Skin. I didn’t know then that that little act of taking out my notebook and pen and scribbling down some thoughts, would end up changing the whole direction of my life.

How did it change it? By leading me to take an MA in creative writing. By making me long to return to the Pacific to see the people who had inspired me to write. By giving me a reason to travel around the islands and so come to Fiji. By inspiring me to ask questions of the strange man with the machete who I met at the end of a beach at midnight.

Yes, you’ve guessed it; that man is now my husband. Last week was our first wedding anniversary. When I look back over the twist and turns that brought us together and moved us to New Zealand, I know I couldn’t have predicted any of it. I wonder what events writing my second novel will put into motion.