What a year!

So many things have happened this year that it seems hard to believe that it has really only contained twelve months!

The biggest event was of course The Sea On Our Skin being published in February. After eleven years of writing, there was my book in physical form. An amazing feeling! I think the greatest moment was when it was on that table at the front of the shop, looking proud and tropic in its New Zealand mall! And with a book in the shops came all those other things; interviews on radio, tv and for newspapers and magazines, joining the NZ society of authors, getting to meet wonderful literary people and discuss books. It’s been an amazing learning curve!

I’ve not been great at blogging this year – mission for 2013; once a week without fail. That’s one of my many resolutions! The wonderful world of social media is a new one for me, but next year we’ll become friends, I’m sure. 2013 also brings a big trip to South America to research book two – I leave tomorrow. Lots of writing to get done!

Other highlights – applying for NZ residency (maybe I can become a Kiwi next year), getting a new job, winning a lot of pub quizzes, starting a worm farm (30% reduction in household waste – great!), having a lovely French flatmate and so drinking much more wine than previously, loosing lots of weight,  planting vegetables, reading heaps, finishing another module of my teaching course, being married for 1 year, travelling a bit more in NZ…. the list goes on.

It’s going to be a hard one to beat, but here’s hoping that 2013 is up to the job.