The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Last Sunday I was freaking out. In a moment of ´we can do anything´ enthusiasm I had long before booked for my Fijian and I to walk the inca trail to Machu Picchu. Just arriving there on a bus seemed t0o easy. A four day hike was the way forward.

And so we hiked.

Day One – our guides called this the training day and it was. Mostly flat, easy to follow we spent the time getting to know our group and realising what amazing people our porters were. Carrying 20kilos each, they would run ahead of us on the trail and set up our lunch break or camp so that when we arrived, everything was ready for us; food cooked, tents erected. Without them it would have been a very different experience.

Day Two – the challenge day. We needed to hike up and over the mountain. The top was at 4250 meters above sea level. The fitter members of our group powered on and we wouldn´t see them until we were back at camp. We plodded, onwards and upwards, loving the scenery, fighting the lack the breath but enjoying the day, getting to know people from other groups who had more or less our pace.

Day Three – culture day. A long day, a long walk, but lots of stops to see inca ruins and lots of different types of paths to follow. This was probably my favorite day. It gave me a plethora of ideas for book two, which takes place partly in mountains.

Day Four – Machu Picchu! We started at 3am and charged up to the sun gate. The first ones there (only just) we had an uninterupted view of the ancuent city below us. It was well worth the walk!