Una vida extraordinaria

The cinema in Lima is much cheaper than in NZ. When we discovered this it seemed silly not to go and check out a movie or two. And it turns out that most movies here have subtitles (which I love), rather than are dubbed (which I hate). We looked at the list of what´s playing; Samy 2 (kids´ movie), Hansel y Gretal (husband very pro this one), El ultimo desafio (old Arnie kicks butt) and finally una vida extraordinaria, an extraordinary life, what the Latin American market have renamed The Life of Pi.

I rarely read a book more than once but The Life of Pi was an exception. I read it the first time in one sitting and was amazed. The premise alone, a boy in a life boat with a zebra, a hyena, an orang-utan and a Bengal Tiger called Richard Parker, totally enthralled me. On top of that it´s beautifully written and asks interesting questions about faith and story-telling. I read it aloud the second time. My dad and I were driving along the south coast of Spain. I don´t remember where we went, what we saw or anything really except reading to him as he drove and flying fish jumping into Pi´s boat and a scene where a whale surfaces near the boy and the tiger. It´s a book I love and one I wish I could have written. Clever Yann Martel.

Watching the film made me nervous. There was no way it could be as good as the book – and if course it wasn´t. But I still loved it. I jumped at Richard Parker´s growl, laughed at Pi´s antics and oooooed in all the right places.