A whole lot of time on a bus.

On the map, the trip from Valparaiso in Chile to Arequipa in Peru doesn´t look that long. It´s only a nuckle or two up the page, only from one country to its neighbour. Perhaps I should have born the long thin nature of the first in mind or taken into the account that some of […]

Pablo Neruda’s House

Today I visited Pablo Neruda’s house. To give this comment some context I should probably mention that I am currently in South America, more specifically in Valparaiso in Chile. It’s a crazy town. The base of it is called ‘el plan’ a name which make sense when you see that all the streets near the […]

Teacher turned student

Writing is what I do at nights and at the weekends. During the day I teach. My subject is English as a foreign language, which means I still get to play with words but just in a very different guise from how they appear to me at night. As a teacher I know the theory […]

Making New Friends

I started writing The Sea on Our Skin eleven years before it saw the light of bookshops. For eleven years I regularly spent time with Amalia, Ioane and their children in the village of Moana. When I finally said goodbye to them it was both with relief and regret. Who would I hang out with now? […]