A whole lot of time on a bus.

On the map, the trip from Valparaiso in Chile to Arequipa in Peru doesn´t look that long. It´s only a nuckle or two up the page, only from one country to its neighbour. Perhaps I should have born the long thin nature of the first in mind or taken into the account that some of […]

A room of one’s own

I’ve been struggling to write over the last couple of months. I’ll sit down at the kitchen table or on the sofa with my laptop on my knee and suddenly all those other things I need to do come rushing up to me, demanding my attention. So I boil water for dinner, pay my bills, […]

Teacher turned student

Writing is what I do at nights and at the weekends. During the day I teach. My subject is English as a foreign language, which means I still get to play with words but just in a very different guise from how they appear to me at night. As a teacher I know the theory […]

New Website, New Me!

This year has been a year of new things. First and foremost, it’s been my first year as a ‘proper’ writer, someone able to go into a bookshop and see their book on the shelf (normally while pretending not to and scurrying away as soon as someone else comes near). It’s been a year of […]