Sorry to have disappeared from the wonderful world of online goodness. I’ve been in hibernation. Winter arrived in New Zealand, the temperature dropped and like a snake my blood has slowed to a slither and I’ve become a recluse. Add connectivity problems to this equation and it has been an internet free few weeks. Time to […]

The Tongariro Crossing

This year I’ve decided to get fit and so have strategically placed a few challenges over the next twelve months which I shall have to pass or die trying. The first of these was The Tongariro Crossing. For those that don’t know, this is a one day walk across a mountain in the centre of […]


Sometimes I miss living on a Pacific Island. There’s something magical about the people, culture, food and weather, that I pine for, wherever I am in the world. Yesterday I didn’t have to miss the Pacific; it was out in full force in Auckland. The Pasifika Festival opened 20 years ago and is, I believe, now the […]

Auckland Anniversary Weekend

I’m not sure why one extra day turns a weekend from a time to have a little sleep in and do my laundry, into three days that must be jam packed full of action; but somehow it always does and just did. Saturday brought with it the Seafood and Buskers Festival. I ate possibly the […]