A room of one’s own

I’ve been struggling to write over the last couple of months. I’ll sit down at the kitchen table or on the sofa with my laptop on my knee and suddenly all those other things I need to do come rushing up to me, demanding my attention. So I boil water for dinner, pay my bills, […]

Making New Friends

I started writing The Sea on Our Skin eleven years before it saw the light of bookshops. For eleven years I regularly spent time with Amalia, Ioane and their children in the village of Moana. When I finally said goodbye to them it was both with relief and regret. Who would I hang out with now? […]

A Sore Arm and An Old Fear

You might have noticed that I’ve been quiet of late. Sorry about that. A couple of weeks ago I tore a muscle in my right arm and after a day of writing on the white board, it was a little too painful to come home and get out my computer. One massive disadvantage of this […]

On Criticism

Writing a book gives you thick skin. You need people’s opinions in order to see your mistakes and people’s opinions come in all shapes and sizes. At first they hurt; your book, your baby, is being critiqued. Then, they’re amazingly useful. Ah yes, of course, I need to change that part! Clearly that character is […]