The Journal

Maternity Leave

It’s my first day of maternity leave – or rather the first day where I’m off work and my colleagues are not. Briefly I look at my watch and imagine my classroom, my students, and what they might be doing; then I forget all about them. The heater and the AC in my car have […]

Back on track

In 2013, real life – money, work, visas – got in the way of writing. It was all good positive stuff; NZ residency (yay!), finishing a teaching qualification, getting more responsibility at my day job – but none of it left much time in the day for what I always have and always will, really […]

Easter Island

Some of the mysteries of Easter Island were shown to me on my trip there. Let me share with you a few theories/stories that caught my imagination:   It looks like the Moai (big statues) ´walked´to their positions. We saw the quarry they were made and then were shown how they were possibly transported; upright, […]

The land of stories

I´m on Easter Island. There is so much to say about this place but such terrible internet connection that I´ll be fast. It´s a land of stories. As a fiction writer I am scared of non-fiction. It seems so sure, so final, so I was suprised to hear that the books published on the ahus and the moais, all […]